Sophin Pun, A2

Professional sport has become one of the most main streamed platforms in the world. The ruse of popularity of professional sport has made the platform one of the richest. There are millions of young players who want to be a professional due to high payment. There are various brands that pay players and platforms a lot of money or capital. The huge amount of money being poured in towards professional sports has made the platform be more obsessed with money and capital.

Anyone who is invested in playing any sport wants to become professionals in their respective field. They are willing to go through any pain to reach their goal. The main reason young minds want to be an athlete is money while doing something they are passionate about. Some athletes obsess over the equity they disregard their own health and image. Chris Bumstead is a professional bodybuilder who uses high levels of steroids to gain advantage, in turn affecting his health and wellbeing.

The clubs and teams have also become very money hungry to the point where they are willing to injure their future stars. Zion Williamson a basketball superstar recently went through an injury. The injury could result in depletion of his health, if he is given no time to heal, despite this, Zion’s sport team forces him to play games.

The media has always tried to start false rumors about players and teams, just to earn 15 minutes of fame. The media has not only ruined their reputation for the false allegations that are spread but also destroyed players and teams’ image.  A false story about Ja Morant using a live gun was spread in the media to generate publicity. The accused Ja has now been boycotted from the media but also hated by sports fans alike.

Professional sports organizations such as NBA, FIFA, in recent years, have grown more money minded, making changes in the professional sport without any regard to anyone involved. They are willing to promote anything and everything to their fanbase in order to generate revenue. Professional sports have now become all about money and capital instead of sports and entertainment.

In conclusion, professional sports platforms have a lot of capital flowing in and out. The platform has shifted their focus to more towards money and disregarding players’ wellbeing, their fanbase and sports itself.

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