Out-of-classroom activities

We encourage our students to perform outside the realm of the normal curriculum of college for their personality development. We help them get involved in series of activities and workshops guided by professionals in the respective fields. Our skills classes are provided by Learn Infinity, which is a Personal Growth Education Platform and an E-learning Design Company creating a more conscious and connected world by teaching transformational ideas in areas of Skills and Creativity, Relationships, Parenting, Mind and Soul, Health and Nutrition, Career and Performance. Some of our skills classes are:

Understanding Emotions Course

This course will enable you to:

a. Identify your emotions in different circumstances

b. Label Your emotions

c. Understand emotional needs and strengths

d. Identify individual emotional triggers and communicate them to family and friends

e. Unleash past blockages and remove them

f. Take control of your emotional responses.

Leadership Course

This session is about how to have amazing Leadership skills which will make you the center of attraction wherever you go. It’s a unique self-improvement program to help people develop a set of skills (21st-century skills such as Leadership, Communication, energy, and Creativity) to achieve personal and professional success. This course will teach you:

a. How to identify your personal leadership needs and strengths?

b. How to communicate among the team?

c. How to be empathetic and accountable for the whole team

d. How to resolve team conflict issues

e. How to delegate work as per the team’s strengths?

f. Scenarios where you can kickstart your leadership journey.

Communications Masterclass

This session is about how to have amazing communication skills which will make you the center of attraction wherever you go. This course will teach you:

a. Effective Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

b. Mind Communication

c. Communicating your ideas, needs, beliefs strongly and positively

d. Having great conversations

e. Listening as a Tool

f. Making First Great Impression and a Long Lasting One.

g. Communicating over social media and the internet.