It is one of the hardest curriculum, you would spend years trying to complete your degree,
definitely not worth it, go with an easier option, etc. These were few phrases amongst many I
had come across while taking the first steps towards my A-Level journey. Believe me when I say
this — it was not my first choice either. I had complications with my first choice of curriculum and
decided one month in it it was not for me. I do not regret the decision. Reflecting back now I am
glad I had the courage and wisdom to do what I did.

I have been fortunate enough to try various boards of education offered in our country. A-levels
in Malpi, hands down has been one of the richest experiences I have ever had. While it is true
the curriculum challenges you in every step of the path towards the finish line, it truly exposes
your limitations and urges you to overcome them. You ought to dig within yourself and find that
spark of motivation to understand what the coursework is trying to instill in you.
The curriculum is designed in such a way you have the freedom to pick your subject
combinations. Being able to make the correct subject combination helps you unlock many future
doors even if you are uncertain as of now what career boat you will be onboarding in the future.
These unrestricted options and the widest choice of subjects utilized properly with proper
consultation will work as a perfect positive catalyst for your university experience and ultimately
career progression.

If you are still reading I am glad I have succeeded in gaining your attention. If you are in the
same shoes I was once in (not sure whether to embark on this journey) I would like to challenge
you to step out of your comfort zone, show up and reap the benefits.

Shakchhyam Rastogi
Malpi Institute Blogpost