At the age of ten, I developed hearing problems. I was left wearing a hearing aid. My family and
close friends were very supportive. Still, every disability has a price to pay. I loved sports but
was not given a chance to play. But bad dreams do come to an end and so did mine. I realized
that by feeling sorry for myself, I was pulling myself into an abyss of agony from which I had to
break free before it was too late. I began to expand my knowledge about various educations,
sports, especially football, and cricket. With this, I had found my lifelong passion for education
and sports.

America is a land that promised prosperity, to anyone willing to flirt with destiny. I obliged and
after finishing my A-Levels from Malpi Institute and laden with a brimful of dreams, I arrived in
The USA for further studies with a future full of opportunities and unexpected experiences.
I believe eight years in America has helped me shape my destiny. After completing my Bachelors
from Loras College, Iowa, I finished my Masters in Education from Xavier University, Cincinnati,
Ohio. I have a firm belief that my future lies in Education and Sports. Loras College and Xavier
University has, more importantly, taught me to be myself, trust in my instincts, and develop my
own way of thinking and analyzing things. Last but not the least, I feel can I pursue my dreams
and shape my career by pursuing a career in Education and Sports.

Living in America and seeing the world of education and sports so advanced and professional, it
makes me sad to see the state of affairs in Nepalese education and sports. The passion is there for
both improving and providing quality education and sports. With experience and study in
Education, I believe one can take Education in Nepal further towards achieving high
performances. I believe researching and writing about Nepalese Education and sports will be an
ideal foundation for me to accomplish my goals in the next five years.

Coupled with my yearnings for home and my passion for education and sports, I had a great
desire to work in Education or Sports Sector in Nepal. Moreover, with the opportunities that
with the size and diversity of reputed organizations such as Malpi Institute I have been able to
grow, develop and mature in the direction I desire. Everyone makes promises about doing great
things for their country after gaining proper international education, but I will be glad if I could
make a small difference towards the progress of Nepalese Education and Sports. I know I have
been blessed so far. A supportive family, good friends, and wonderful teachers have been
guiding me in each and every step of my life. I have been given hope, hope against all odds.
Thus with the experience, education, and skills that I have acquired, I would like to help
Nepalese Education and sports, as well as people with disabilities like mine, and the ambitious
young children of Nepal, through education and sports, find their hope too.

Abishek Rayamajhi