Timeth for esight3
Fellow “Boxers” and “Clovers”;
Thy mind fragile yet wild
Brimmed with rummages,
Expectations so sanguine
And glories jubilant
Thou dare not intervene
Thou dare not contravene
For the bandwagon shalt await.

Thee hail the “Napoleons”,
The giver of all that thy creatures love
A sleight of hand ever so disguised
Their Machiavellian maneuvers
All glossed over and unheeded
Thus thee swerve into the edge of precipice.

Thy unhurried engulfment
In the pool of sugarcoated credence,
Amenable and meekly submissive
Like a lamb to the slaughter
Thou art swallowed by compliance
Adhering onto falsity
Yet pompous of thou credulity.

It’s a game of the sycophants
The flattery, so beguiling yet discreet;
A step away from veracity
The deliberate overlooking by “Benjamins”;
Almost a consign to oblivion
So, the wily swordsman or his controllable sword?
Who’s to blame?

Shreela Gurung
Malpi A Level Batch of 2021