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The cool morning air is whispering into my ears to stay wrapped up in bed all day, but from a
distance, I can hear her desolate sobs calling me. Her classrooms and furniture yearn for
human touch after having been deserted for months. Invigorated by her forlorn plea I
overcame the temptation to lay in my room throughout the day, warm and cozy.

The white shirt with thin blue stripes and the dark teal trousers were tied together by the deep
blue tie emblazoned with her logos and the dark grey jacket keeping me snug. My rucksack
stuffed with books and mind filled with curiosity of what the first day will be like, I brush my
shoes and glide downstairs. Crossing my fingers that the first period will not be Mathematics,
I lift off to wipe her tears and fill her halls with the ravaging flames of youth again.

Different hairstyles but the same people, their eyes squinching as they smile underneath their
masks. Everyone gathered around the notice boards, which were covered with timetables and
calendars, to check their schedules. I was ecstatic to see that my first class starts at half-past
nine and the day ends at half-past twelve. Relieved that I will not have to wake up early on
winter mornings and overjoyed to see that the school day will last only for three hours, giving
me plenty of time to hang out and do what I want, I sauntered to my first class.

After months of captivation and social deprivation, returning to school was like a sip of Ice
Tea on a sweltering summer day. Hearing the voices of teachers and friends without my
sluggish WiFi disrupting it and shifting through classrooms instead of clicking on links
rejuvenated the high schooler inside each one of the students. Sneaking out to the canteen to
get some refreshments and to the basketball court to stretch our legs after each class, filling
out our friends on the hilarious events that occurred during the day as we sunbathe, these few
months spent in the aesthetic halls of Malpi will be treasured until our last breath.

Sujaya Shrestha, A2
Malpi A-Level Batch of 2022

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