Ananya R.L Shah, A2

Feminism is a loaded term that has sparked heated debates, concerning the role of women in society and their rights. It is a movement that aims to eradicate gender-based discrimination and achieve gender equality. Although the word has been around for a long time, the term ‘feminism’ has gained immense traction in recent years with men and women speaking about women.

At its core, feminism is about justice and equality for all genders. It advocates for equal opportunities, freedom and rights for women specially to advocate their rights. As women have been suppressed for more than 100 decades now. The basic idea of the term is men and women to be treated equally in all spheres of life. Women should be allowed to pursue their interests without forcing oppression from men.

The roots of feminism go back several centuries when women started to question their role in society. From decades that followed, feminist movements grew all over. The world, advocating for gender roles and challenging traditional gender roles. Women have been demanding equal opportunities and recognition in different spheres of life. Be it education, employment, politics or social settings, feminists have been fighting for gender-based violence and harassment seeking a safer environment.

However, feminism has come a long way from the narrow movement solely focused on women’s rights. Today, it has broadened its horizons becoming inclusive and encompassing other marginalized groups that are suffering from social and discriminative injustice. Feminism also recognized the different oppression faced by race, class, sexuality and disability that intersects with gender.

In the twenty-first century, feminism still has lots of relevance in the world. Although women have achieved significant strides in equality, there are many challenges that they face. For example: Women still earn less than male colleagues, they have fewer job opportunities and hardly occupy positions in higher authorities that have more power. Moreover, women are still subjected to gender bias and stereotypes which affects their career and personal advancement in the world.

In conclusion, feminism has a critical role in dismantling the systemic issues along with societal problems. Feminists believe that women can create a better world for everyone, one that is just, equitable and inclusive. They believe if men and women work together in the world, we can create a society where everyone’s rights are celebrated and protected.

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