Since middle school, the first thing I had planned was my high school, but due to unfortunate circumstances from the last 3 years school has been online, from zoom to google meet.

After having online classes in Malpi for about 3-4 months and doing all the activities, studies, and interaction online, stepping into the premises of Malpi gave a different kind of rush of joy to my soul. Entering the premises of Malpi, the first thing I ever saw was this large hoarding board showing the achievers of Malpi. The first thought I had was, “Yes, I wanted to be here so I’ll now work hard.” The chills you get from the antique style of building are something exceptional to any other academic building I have ever seen. For my first few days in Malpi, I couldn’t socialize with many people because of my “hard to cope up with new people” habit even after my classmates were good to me during the introduction and hike day. However, it just took me a couple of days to familiarize myself with the new atmosphere and circle of people. 

Meshing in studies is essential, however, it’s not the only important thing in a student’s life. The liberty Malpi has provided for students to form and work in clubs according to need is one of the reasons I can state my thoughts in this article. For several months while waiting for my SEE Exams, I had several questions regarding the next step I should take. Should I join the +2 program at the same school? Should I do +2? How about I join A-Levels? Can my parents support it? After sorting out every single thought, I finally started my quest for a high school. Even though after applying to numerous high schools, the one thought that I had was that could it be the school and course I want to join? But starting physical classes here has given conviction to every of my confusion.

The concern of staff members in your academic progression and the good-to-go essence of the teachers give you the right kind of academic context you need for your high school. The open ground area for your breaks or the basketball area for a little stretch to your body, everything just gives you a genuine vibe. Not to forget the colorful canteen area of the school with vibrant colors. All is well too satisfactory for me to nourish me for my academics. 

After spending a day in malpi I told myself, “This is Malpi, and Welcome to Malpi”

-Aarushka Kattel (AS)

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